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[ 04 June 2009 ]

Leaving Certificate English examination

Many parents will already be aware that a major security breach took place
in the administration of the Leaving Certificate examinations yesterday in
another centre.  On the first day of the examinations, English Paper II was
erroneously given out to candidates in a centre in Louth in place of English
Paper I. As a result of this breach of security, the State Examinations
Commission has announced the following changes:

English Paper II which was due to be sat by candidates this morning
(Thursday, 4th June, 2009) will now be sat instead on Saturday, 6th June,
2009.  Needless to say, a different paper from that distributed erroneously
on Wednesday, 3rd June, will now be used.

The Sub-Warden informed our candidates of this security breach last evening
and I have spoken to all of them this morning.  I have pointed out that, as
a boarding school which sees all its pupils working normally on Saturday
mornings, St. Columba's and its pupils are uniquely prepared for this
alteration to the Leaving Certificate programme.  I have urged all members
of Form VI to attempt to remove any negative thoughts from their minds
concerning this alteration to their Leaving Certificate schedule and I am
confident that they will be able to do so and, indeed, to perform well in
the rearranged examination on Saturday morning.

Should any parent have any concerns regarding this matter, please do not
hesitate to get in touch with me.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Lindsay Haslett

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