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[ 23 October 2011 ]

Exhibition of Art by Old Columbans

Exhibition of Art by Old Columbans

It is with great pleasure and considerable pride that the College hosts an exhibition of art by Old Columbans this Thursday and Friday, 27th and 28th October. The exhibition, at which many works of art will be on sale, will be opened by Shane Ross TD. There is a wine reception on each evening and the paintings, sculpture and photographs will be on view from 6 to 8pm. Entry is free and it is hoped that many will come to celebrate the achievements of Columban art and artists over the years. Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Laura Lynn Foundation and some to restoring valuable artworks within the College.

Art, in all its forms, continues to flourish in St.Columba's. There are many prizes for art and there is a major exhibition of pupils' art in the Hilary term, the Art, Craft and Photography Exhibition (24th March next year) at which the Earl of Meath prizes for Art are awarded. Much of the work done daily in the art room can be viewed on the art department blog) which is maintained by the art teachers at the College, Ms Derarca Cullen and Mr Peter Watts.

Those Old Columbans whose works are on view are:

Emily Archer

Clare Biggar

Cormac Boydell

Sue Brittain

Clare Carpenter

Siobhan Cooper

Reuben Cope

Rebecca Curling

Simon de Courcy Wheeler

Niamh Denham

Robert Donald

Camilla Earls

James Fennell

Roxanne Fitzmaurice

Bridget Flinn

Conrad Frankel

Robbie Fry

Nigel Gault

Charlie Hackett

Lelia Donnelly

Heather M. Haythornthwaite

Mary Hoare

David Hone

Greg Howie

Des Irvine

Ness Kelly

William Leech

Ian Lush

Anthony Lyttle

Martin Lyttle

George McCaw

Harry McConville

Brett McEntagart

Julie O'Mahony

Marc O'Neill

Richard Caulfied Orpen

William Orpen

Tim Pettigrew

Emily Plunket

Gerald Pullman

Patrick Pye

Peter Robertson

Alannah Robins

Patrick Scott

John Searle

Daniel Shaw-Smith

Emma Shaw-Smith

Sophie Shaw-Smith

Richard Slator

Holly Sommerville

Wendy Stephens

Billy Stickland

Stephen Wall Morris

George Warren

Michael Warren

Celeste Weatherhead

Marissa Weatherhead




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