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[ 14 December 2011 ]

Form III Action Project

Form III Action Project CSPE action project Set III C decided after a few brainstorming classes that they should celebrate ‘national tree day’ so they got going with everyone’s different task. As it happened the big oak tree outside chapel was going to be cut down as it had died of old age, so this was the perfect opportunity to plant a new one. The oak tree had been in the college chapel square for at least one hundred and fifty years. It saw all Columbans up to October 2011 when it was cut down. To raise awareness of national tree day III c also went out to the Sowby fields and collected acorns for planting and hopefully next year some will germinate. The Swamp Oak which Mr. Swift bought for our project should turn a beautiful autumn colour when the seasons turn in the coming years. In their time at St Columba’s III c won’t see much growth in the tree but future Columbans will. Trees are a vital part of human civilisation, becoming more so because of deforestation which is why awareness should be raised. We hope if we return to the school in future years to see the progress in our tree and we feel we will always have that connection with our oak and the college.

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