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[ 19 January 2012 ]

Junior Play

Junior Play

Pupils from third and fourth year are currently rehearsing this year's Junior Play,'The Field' by John B Keane.Set in rural Ireland in the1960s and based upon a true story, the play is a powerful examination of one man's obsession with land ownership. Performances are on Friday, 2nd and Saturday, 3rd March at 7pm. The play is produced by Mr Evan Jameson and the cast is as follows:

The Bull McCabe - Mark McAuley
Tadhg - Brendan Dickerson
Maimie Flanagan - Lydia Johnson
Mick Flanagan - Aidan Chisholm
Leamy Flanagan - Samuel Clarke
Sergeant Leahy - Jessica Beresford
Bird Finnegan - John Clarke
Maggie Butler - Molly Buckingham
William Dee - Ugo Onwurah
Dandy McCabe - Callan Elliott
Mrs McCabe - Jessye Faulkner
Father Murphy - Sofia McConnell
The Bishop - Siobhan Brady

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