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[ 04 February 2012 ]

Transition Year Careers' morning

Transition Year Careers' morningIt was a very busy morning here at St. Columba's as we welcomed 11 speakers from a range of career areas for the annual Transition Year Careers Morning. The pupils and visitors crammed in to the Lower Argyle, in a change to previous years, to engage in a careers "speed-dating" session.

Each speaker rotated from table to table over the course of two hours, spending 10 minutes with the pupils - who were arranged in groups of 4 or 5. The speakers proved extremely engaging and everyone found the event very useful, both young and old. The Guidance Counsellor, Mr Jones, would like to thank each of the speakers for giving over their free time to visit the school and ensure them of the value of such an event.

Mr. Jones would also like to thank Danuta Gray, parent and Fellow of the College, for her great help in organising the event. The 2012 speakers were:

Maria Daly - Abbott Pharmceuticals (Quality)
Seamus Ryan - Microsoft
Damian Oates - O2 (Engineering)
Paul Dervan - O2 (Marketing)
Jonathan McCrea - Newtalk & Spin FM
Joe Drumgoole - FeedHenry (Software)
John Carroll - Pfizer (Finance)
Laura Gilbride - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Aisling O'Meachair - Google
Barbara Hughes - Primark
Guy Hollis - CBRE (Chartered Surveyor)

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