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[ 25 March 2012 ]

Arts weekend

Arts weekend

Over this past weekend the major prizes for art, craft, photography and music were awarded. On Saturday evening, Una Sealy paid us another visit, this time to judge and distribute the art, craft and photography prizes. In a very interesting talk she gave an insight into her work and method as she goes about the process of painting a portrait or picture. She spoke highly of the art and craft on view naming several pupils for distinction  and commendation. The major winners were:

Photography Prize: Bella Purcell

Junior Craft Prize: Andrew Holt

Senior Craft Prize: Philippa v Erdmansdorff

Junior Art Prize: Sam Clarke

Earl of Meath Senior Art Prize: Alexandra v Buelow

On Sunday evening it was the turn of the musicians, vocal and insrtumental. Professor Shirin Tobin of DIT was the adjucator on this occasion. In the junior section she awarded prizes to Mark Russell (voice) and Sofia Tobin (voice) and in the senior section prizes to Kezia Wright (photographed, voice), Siobhan Brady (voice), Leon v Loringhaven (piano) and Lingfan Gao (piano).


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