(July 5th). The College promised an independent review to consider issues raised by both present and former students.   That review is under way.   We have appointed Mrs. Caroline Preston to conduct the review with the understanding that she may seek the assistance of other expertise as she deems appropriate.   To this end we understand Mrs. Preston has already engaged Dr. Livingstone Thompson.

Mrs Preston is a very experienced lawyer and mediator whose expertise is widely recognized.   She brings to the review not only an ability to listen and explore issues, but also a background and understanding of policies, procedures and protocols, and their benchmarking against practice.

Dr Livingstone Thompson has a wealth of experience and expertise in inter-community dialogue and multiculturalism.  He has practised in this area for over twenty years, and is a published author, lecturer and facilitator.

The College welcomes this review of matters, which are of major importance to the College community, and looks forward to receiving any recommendations which may be made.