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A unique challenge - a 24 hour run around the campus of St. Columba's College, led by Old Columban Alex Panayatou, with all proceeds going to Purple House Cancer Support.

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Run til the Sun

A Challenge to Combat Cancer

A unique individual and group challenge – 24 hour endurance run!

In September 2019, Alex Panayotou, Old Columban and current ultra long-distance runner challenged the St Columba’s College community to extend their support for her latest charitable passion project.  She will be running for 24 hours straight on Saturday the 25th and finishing on Sunday 26th April on the St. Columba’s College campus in aid of Purple House Cancer Support Centre. We hope that all of us will join her and that she will be accompanied every step of her run.

Meet Alex below!

Who is Alex Panayotou?

An Old Columban and accomplished endurance runner … but much more!

Alex has exhibited great endurance in her sport and indeed her life. She is a lymph cancer survivor and has been instrumental in developing charity sports in Spain. Her last extreme solo running challenge was when she ran 400 km almost non-stop (sleeping only for 5 hours throughout the entire process). She has shown us how instrumental one person can be in impacting change and now wishes to show us how powerful we all can be when we work together. 

How Can You Help?

Join us on the run, become a sponsor or donate to our chosen charity!

To support the Run til the Sun event you can donate directly to Purple House using the buttons below or you can sponsor participating pupils using their sponsorship cards.

If you’re feeling energetic, why not join Alex on the April 25th for a leg of the run. You can choose to run as long as you like – 5K, 10K or even longer. Running with Alex comes at the small cost of a €20 entrance fee and a nessecity for a good pair of shoes! We would love to have someone join Alex every step of the way – you can book your place beside her shortly. For more information and to donate and sign up, visit runtilthesun2020

Purple House – Our Charity Partner

The pupils of St. Columba’s have chosen Purple House as our charity partners for this event, with all proceeds going to them.

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Purple House, an organisation that has been consistently changing lives for the better. Purple House helps not only cancer patients but their families and cancer survivors. They provide professional Cancer Support and psycho-oncology services free of charge to those affected by cancer. However, there is little they can do without financial and volunteer support. THEY need Us and We need YOU. With the help of donations, Purple House has managed to help over 1,100 families each year in Ireland, which is massive for a small organization. Small communities can achieve big things- something that we in St.Columba’s believe in strongly.

Latest ‘Run til the Sun’ News

Today the 25th of April at 1:30 p.m.was when the entire St.Columba’s College community were to join Old Columban and extreme runner Alex Panayotu in stages of her 24 hour ‘Run till the Sun’ around the college grounds in aid of Purple House Cancer Centre. The entire College community: comprising pupils, staff, parents, Old Columbans, […]

The College is delighted to announce details of a fantastic charitable event taking place this April – Run til the Sun! On Saturday, April 25th, Old Columban Alex Panayotou – an accomplished long-distance runner – will challenge herself to run for 24 hours around the College campus. She is looking for your support along the […]

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