Pupil Report – London Tour 2016

A few weeks back 28 pupils and 5 staff travelled on the Junior Cultural Trip to London. Now that the dust has settled, Form IV pupils Caspar von der Schulenberg reflects on a busy but enjoybale trip.

As some of you may know, several pupils from second, third and fourth form were participating in the London Trip over the January Exodus. During our 4-Day-voyage we were accompanied by Science teachers Mr Jones, Mr Jackson and Ms Harrahill and by History teachers Mr Finn and Ms Duggan.

We left the school on early Friday morning and from the moment we set foot on English ground the excitement began. Our itinerary was packed to the edge with visits to museums, famous London attractions and entertaining facilities. Speaking of “packed”, undoubtedly everyone’s favourite aspect of the trip were the stunning “packed lunches”, provided by the hotel staff who managed to make every single ham-and-cheese sandwich a unique experience.

On our first night we had the gratifying pleasure of experiencing the “Lion King Musical” live in the Lyceum Theatre. For me, that was the highlight of our tour. The setting, the performances and of course, the singing were absolutely breath-taking. Speaking of “breath-taking”, I cannot get around of mentioning that the travel in the London Tube System was a particularly suffocating and claustrophobic experience. I can accurately recall Julius Reblin nearly being decapitated by the sliding doors and William Zitzmann losing half his hand in the locking mechanism. Just kidding!

Anyway, the following days we visited The National History Museum and The Science Museum which especially fascinated Mr Jones, Mr Jackson and Ms Harrahill, while at the Imperial War and the Churchill Museum Mr Finn and Ms Duggan were very much in their element. When visiting the National Portrait Gallery, we bitterly regretted not inviting our Art Teacher Mr Watts on the Tour.

In midst all the turmoil and pouring rain, we especially liked the more relaxing functions we did, such as the visit to the Odeon Cinema and the London and General Knowledge Quiz, which we did on the final night. How guessing the ages of our teachers has anything to do with general knowledge is beyond me, but, in the name of my time, I would still like to apologize again to the absolutely youthful Mr Finn for slightly misjudging his age.

Overall, the Trip turned out to be an enjoyment for everyone involved and I would like to thank all the teachers and people that gave up their free time to make this trip possible.