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‘Spreading the News’

A cast of ten from Forms Primary to III took on the Junior Play…
February 5, 2018/by sccdublin

Staff and Pupils’ Concert

This year’s Staff and Pupils' concert on the evening of Sunday…
January 23, 2018/by sccdublin

Exhibition of Junior Certificate Art 2017

Abigail O Brien, Transition Year, reports on the upcoming Art…
December 8, 2017/by sccdublin


This year's major drama production is the perennially-popular…
November 11, 2017/by sccdublin

A Busy Weekend at St. Columba’s

St. Columba's College, being a seven day boarding school, organises…
September 18, 2017/by sccdublin

Concert and Variety Show

We were promised entertainment, we were promised variety and we got both in abundance last night in the BSR. Nineteen ‘acts’ performed, ranging from dance to guitar, duets to choirs, piano solos to rock bands, all sho...
May 21, 2017/by St. Columba's College News Archive

Arts Week 2017

There is a tremendous variety of activities on show in our annual…
April 5, 2017/by sccdublin

Junior Play 2017

[ Performing Arts ]The annual Junior Play production this year is, like last year's, actually two (short) plays, both about expectations being turned upside down.
The first is a gentle comedy by Irish writer Lennox Robinson (1886-1958), author of the...
February 7, 2017/by St. Columba's College News Archive

Staff and Pupils’ music concert

[ Performing Arts ]The annual staff and pupils’ concert is by now a very pleasant fixture in the calendar, cheering dark January days with a variety of excellent music-making. As Mrs Malone-Brady said at this year’s concert, on Sunday 22nd...
January 23, 2017/by St. Columba's College News Archive

Remembrance Service

Yesterday on Remembrance Sunday, the Chaplain, Rev Daniel Owen led the service broadcast from the RTE studios. The Chapel choir, directed by Mrs Malone Brady, played a major part singing Hewson’s ‘Let us now praise fa...
November 14, 2016/by St. Columba's College News Archive

Form P, I and II plays

On Sunday evening Forms P and I were the first up on stage with 'Bed and Breakfast'. A weird collection of guests come and go, causing consternation to the host and hostess. The Form II play was an adaptation of the well-known child...
October 23, 2016/by St. Columba's College News Archive

Walsh Memorial Concert

The Reverend B.W.N. Walsh Memorial Concert was held last night in the Chapel to mark the Walsh Fund for restoring the organ. It was a superb evening of high-class music-making, particularly by the 'headline act', the Old Columban Co...
October 14, 2016/by St. Columba's College News Archive

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