Admissions Process & Status

In this section you can explore our admissions systems & policies and see the available places in the College.

Admissions Process

Parents can apply for admission to the College for their sons or daughters to all Forms. However, we recommend entry at Form I (aged 12)

Some pupils are also admitted into Form II, often from preparatory schools, into Form IV (the Transition Year) and Form V (the start of the two-year Leaving Certificate course, equivalent to ‘A’ Levels). We do not recommend entry to the College in Forms III or VI as pupils sit state examinations at the end of these years and significant preparation is required. However, some exceptions are made and parents wishing to apply to these Forms should consult our Admissions Office.

Applications for admission should be made at least one year in advance of entry, especially for boarding. All pupils applying for a place must visit the College before entry. We do not accept applications until the child is at least 4th class in Primary school (approximately aged 10) but parents can express an interest in applying by completing the application form and paying the appropriate fee. This commits neither the applicant nor the College to anything other than an expression of interest.

Those joining  Form I are normally invited to sit assessments in the month of October prior to the year of entry. The assessments are in literacy (reading comprehension, spelling), English and mathematics. Candidates for entry are often interviewed by the Warden also.

Boys and girls joining Form II normally do so by means of the Common Entrance Examination to independent schools, which is taken in their Prep School.

Those joining in Forms IV and V are usually interviewed by the Warden or Sub-Warden and past reports are sought from their current school. Pupils, whose first language is not English, will be required to sit assessments in English and Mathematics in November of the year preceding their entry.

The first round of place offers are made during the course of the Michaelmas Term (i.e. between September and December of the year prior to entry) but applicants should not be dissuaded from contacting us outside these dates as there are often cancellations and/or deferrals of offered places. The second round of offers are made at the start of the Trinity Term, just after Easter.

Year-group sizes rise by about 15, to 60, in Forms IV and V. Class size at this stage depends on particular subject choices. The average class size in the Junior cycle (i.e. Forms I to III) is 15. The average class size in the Senior cycle (i.e. Forms IV to VI) is 10. The College has bed space for about 235 boarders and usually awards approximately 75 day places.

Admissions Current Status

Status of applications for future years, March 1st 2019.

Day places: We regret that we are no longer taking applications for day places for boys in the school year 2019-20.

Again, please note that we do not accept applications for First Form places until the child is at least in 4th class (three years before proposed entry). However, we can take an expression of interest from parents with children before this time; this is simply a way of letting parents know when applications do open and does not imply any priority or acceptance. Please contact the Admissions Officer for more information.

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