The Old Columban Society

The Old Columban Society was founded in 1909 and has over 3000 active members.

The Old Columban Society has around 3,000 members around the world. Founded in 1909, it keeps members in touch with each other and the College. Its own website is at

We publish the annual Old Columban Bulletin, containing much news of OCS and the College. We regularly organise social occasions in the College and elsewhere, and also award an annual Scholarship, available to children of OCs, who are all entitled to a discount on College fees. There is also a Bursary Fund for the children and grandchildren of OCs who need assistance with fees: more details are on the Society’s website.

The Society is socially very active, and in recent times there have been parties and dinners in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, London, Munich, Barcelona and Berlin. There is an annual golf outing on the College course, followed by a dinner. The Society also helps members who organise frequent year-reunions (usually in Dublin, and often visiting the College for a tour).

The officers of the Society include a President, Vice-Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Editor of the Bulletin. They are supported by a Committee of up to 20 members. The Annual General Meeting is held every  autumn in Dublin.

An e-mail about news and events is sent almost every month to members: if you are a member and wish to receive this, e-mail us at with the word ‘List’ in the subject line. The Society is also on Facebook, and there is a special private members’ group here.

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