The curriculum is determined by the NCCA with pupils preparing for their Junior Cycle exams in Form III and their Leaving Certificate in Form VI. More information on the subjects available in these programmes are found below.

Contact with parents is maintained by a variety of means, both written and verbal. Regular meetings with parents take place during the year when all subject teachers discuss pupils’ individual progress with parents. From time to time, such meetings are also arranged on an ad hoc basis. In addition to this, detailed reports are written by teachers for every subject up to three times each year, at the end of term examinations. Finally, pupils are given effort grades in every subject approximately every three weeks in term, and details of these are sent electronically to parents at the end of each term. By these means, the College is able to monitor closely the progress of all its pupils and to intervene positively where results are not commensurate with an individual’s ability.

St. Columba’s is proud of its academic achievements and is committed to the continued pursuit of excellence for all its pupils in the years to come.