Governance, Management & Staff

The College is governed by a board of ‘Fellows’ who meet regularly throughout the year. The ‘Warden’ (Principal) is responsible for the running of the school and is appointed by the Fellows. Explore the full managerial structure of the College, meet our fantastic team of teachers and the equally important support staff.

The College is a charitable foundation and overall responsibility for its governance rests with a body of 20 Fellows (governors/trustees, listed  below), presided over by a chairman. The Warden (Principal/Chief Executive) and the Bursar (finance and estate) attend meetings of the Fellows to whom they report on all aspects of the College.

The Bursar is secretary to the Fellows. The Fellows meet five times per year. Sub-Committees of the Fellows are all attended by the Warden and Bursar. They are as follows: Finance (10 meetings per year); Buildings (5 times per year); Strategy and Development (termly).

The function and authority of the Warden are defined in the College Statutes which date originally from 1912. The Warden is responsible for the appointment of all staff.

The Board of Management (constituted under the Education Act, 1998 and listed below) is nominated by the Fellows and comprises nine Fellows, the Warden, the Sub-Warden, two elected members of staff, two elected parents and the Chairman of the Parents’ Association. The Bursar attends all meetings of the Board of Management and is its secretary.

The Warden, assisted by the Sub-Warden and a senior leadership team, is responsible for the management, administration and welfare of the College. There are regular Conventions (staff meetings) and House Staff Meetings in the course of each term.

The Parents’ Association comprises 12 parents who are elected annually by the parent body as a whole. The association seeks to support the College as and how it can. It organises social events designed to bring parents into the school and, sometimes, to raise funds for projects.

Quick Contacts

Mark Boobbyer

Mark Boobbyer

Julian Girdham

Julian Girdham

Sub Warden
Sarah Love

Sarah Love

Chairperson of the Fellows / Board of Management
Amanda Morris

Amanda Morris

Admissions Officer
Sally Gibbs

Sally Gibbs


All College Staff

The Most Reverend M. Jackson, MA, PhD
J.R.P. Wardell, MA, ACA
A.W. McPhail, MA
D.J. Reade
C. Carroll, BA
J. Bulbulia, BA, HDip Psych, Barrister at Law
T. Petch
A.F.F. Cox, BA, MA (Ed Management), HDipEd
S. Love, BA, MMII (Chairperson)
N. Lyons, MA
V. Preysing, MA
R. Empey, BA BAI, MSc, CEng MIEI, CEM-I
C. Kelly, BA (Mod), MSc
B. Pickering, BA
Lady Ana Johnson
K. Taurai, CIA, CAMS.

S. Love (Chairperson), the Warden, the Sub-Warden, the Bursar (Secretary), Chairperson of the Parents’ Association, L. Carey, P. Stevenson, R. Empey, Lady Ana Johnson, J. Boyle, G. Goodbody, A. Carroll O’Keeffe.

J.M. Girdham, BA, HDipEd, late Scholar of St. John’s College, Oxford (English).

Reverend D. Owen, BSc, BTh (Religious Education).

Academic and House Staff
(with main subjects)

A. Morris, BA, HDipEd, Director of Girls’ Boarding.
B.A. Redmond, BTech (Ed), HDipSGC, Dip ID (Technical Graphics).
L. Canning, BA, HDipEd, Head of Sport (English).
A.E. Maybury, BA, HDipEd, Head of Pupil Welfare, Deputy Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection (Irish).
A. Kilfeather, BA, HDipEd, Transition Year Co-ordinator (Spanish).
P.G. McCarthy, MA (NUI), HDipEd, College Librarian, Senior Tutor, House Tutor of Gwynn (Classical Studies and Business Studies).
M. Singleton, MSc, PhD, HDipEd, DipEdMan, Director of Studies (Physics and Mathematics).
D.M. Sherwood, Housemistress of Iona (Learning Support).
D. Higgins, MA, MEd, HDipEd, Head of Pastoral Care, Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection (Mathematics).
D. Cullen, BEd Art & Design, Housemistress of Beresford (Art).
P. Cron, BA, NDipCMA, GDEd, Housemaster of Gwynn (Religious Education and Business).
R. Swift, BA, HDipEd, Housemaster of Glen (Classical Studies and CSPE).
K. Hennessey, BSc, Assistant Housemistress of Clonard (Science, Biology, Physics).
S.G. Crombie, MSc, Director of Information Technology, Housemaster of Tibradden.
H. Jones, BScEd, PGDipGC, Assistant Housemaster of Stackallan, Career Education Counsellor (Biology and Agricultural Science).
S-J. Johnson, BEd, BTEC ND (Physical Education).
B. Finn, MA, HDipEd, Assistant Housemaster of Glen (History).
E. Jameson, MA, HDipEd (English).
M. O’Shaughnessy, MA, Housemaster of Stackallan, Career Education Counsellor (Spanish).
J. Robinson, BA, HDipEd, Housemistress of Hollypark (Mathematics).
T. Clarke, BA, PGDipEd, TECFÉE, Assistant Housemaster of Gwynn (French).
T. de Brit, BSc, PhD, HDipEd, Information Technology Administrator (Geology).
J. Pyz, MA, PhD, Assistant Housemistress of Iona.
S.P. Duffy, BSc, MTeach, PGCE, Assistant Housemaster of Tibradden (Geography).
P. Stevenson, BA, PGDE, Housemaster of Kilmashogue (Geography).
S. Owen, BA, BSc (Nursing), DIP (Counselling), Housemistress of Clonard, School Counsellor.
[E. Duggan, MA, PGCE (History), on leave].
E. McDonald, BSc, PGDipEd (Mathematics).
L. Lynch, BA, MEd, Assistant Housemistress of Hollypark (Irish).
K. Ryan, MA, PGDipEd, PDipSPInEd, House Tutor of Stackallan (Learning Support).
C. de Fréin, MA.FLE, MA.LLCI, CAPES, House Tutor of Clonard (French).
J. Harkin, BEng, MSc, PME (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics).
J. Morley, BA, PGDE (English).
L. Carey, MSc, BBS, PGDipEd, PDMT (Economics and Business).
G. Mullane, BSc, PDipEd, (Biology and Science).
L. Murphy, BA, PME (Art and SPHE).
H. Havenga, BEd, House Tutor of Glen (PE, SPHE, sports’ co-ordination).
I. O’Herlihy, BA, PDE, Assistant Housemaster of Kilmashogue (Business, Economics, SPHE).
F. Robson, BA, PhD, PME (History).
M. Kilpatrick, B.Sc., Assistant Housemistress of Beresford (Science and Learning Support).
S. Brusey, B.Sc, PhD, PDE (Chemistry).
C. Duggan, MA, B.Mus, Director of Music.
K. Kirwan, MA, PGCE (English).
D.S. Nimmagadda, B.Sc, M.Sc (Mathematics), B.ED SET (Learning Support).
R. Pattison, MA, HDipEd (English).
M. Lebedieva (Mathematics).
M. Carey (Learning Support).

J. Kent-Sutton, MA, PGDipILS, MCLIP.

Mrs. Sally Gibbs, MA, MSc, HDipEd

Finance Manager
Ms C. McLerie, MATI

Accounts Assistant
Ms K. Keane

Personal Assistant to the Warden
Ms E. Bainton

Admissions Officer
Mrs A. Morris, BA, HDipEd.

Ms L. Wynne

Foundation Office
Ms S. Young

College Medical Officer
Dr A. Khourie

Ms A. Getty, RCN, RGN.

School Nurses
Mrs R. Cron, RGN, RM
Ms N. Murphy, RCN, RGN
Ms J. Williams, RGN, BNS, RSCN

K. Snowe, BA, ALCM (piano), T. Lawlor, ALCM (guitar), E. Shannon, MA (Mus.) (singing), D. Hatch (B.Mus.) (clarinet, saxophone), M. O’Reilly (flute & theory), A. Lyons (violin, viola), C. McCarthy BMus Ed. LRSM (piano), M. O’Sullivan (singing), P. Keegan (organ).

K. Holman (Sports Hall), C. Anderson (Rugby, Athletics), S. Cronin (Rugby), G. Fair (Hockey), W.E. Gibbs (Rugby, Hockey, Cricket), P. Delany (Rugby, Hockey, Cricket), D. Doran (Basketball, Athletics), G. McNamara (AGC, Athletics, Rugby), G. Glutz (Hockey, Cricket), A. Haughton (Hockey, Cricket), A. Lee (Rugby, Athletics), J. McNulty (Hockey), P. Lembethe (Hockey, Cricket), J. Adams (Golf).

Site Manager
Mr S. Smith

Building Projects Manager
Mr M. Keogh

Maintenance Team
Mr W. Gibbs, Mr P. Mangan, Mr A. Monaghan

Mr D. Hunter, Mr J. Kendrick, Mr P. Whelan

Ms C. Hennessy, BComm, Dip. Ammenity Hort.

Golf Course
Mr J. Brennan, Advanced Cert, Horticulture.

Linen Room
Ms E. Healy

Ms S. O’Shea, Ms J. Smith.

Household Manager, and Health and Safety Officer
Ms G. Stafford

Ms L. Byrne, Ms R. Cleary, Mrs C. Cummins, Ms C. Dalton, Ms L. Glynn, Ms S. Glynn, Ms D. Hackett, Mrs P. Hennessy, Ms T. Kearns, Mr C. Macken, Ms C. McNulty, Ms B. Nolan, Ms A. Walsh, Mrs M. Woods.

Catering Manager
Ms N. Campbell

Assistant Catering Manager
Ms A. Mackey

Catering Team
Chefs: Ms A. Humphry (Head Chef), Ms K. Bonner. Kitchen Assistants: Ms A. Bartnicka, Ms M Bielecka, Ms C. Downey, Ms J. Glynn, Ms A. Meredith, Ms Y. Skelly, Ms B. Whelan, Ms L. Woods. Whispering House Kitchen Assistants: Ms S. Downey, Ms F. Garau. Kitchen Porter: Mr W. Adho.

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