Form I Scientists Win Salters Festival of Chemistry in Trinity College

An initiative of the Salters’ Institute, the objective of the competition is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young. The Festivals are one-day fun events held at universities throughout the UK and Ireland. Salters’ Festivals provide the opportunity for enthusiastic young students to spend a day in a university department and to take part in practical chemistry activities which are fun!

The tasks at Trinity College today provided our pupils, and those of other 21 schools, with the opportunity to work together and apply what they have learned in science so far this year to solve new and exciting problems. They immersed themselves in two challenges, the first of which required them to try and solve a murder mystery through utilising chromatography investigations. In the second investigation they were given an array of solutions with universal indicator and had the challenge of recreating particular colours. Following a well deserved lunch break the pupils got to experience an interactive demonstration of mini experiments.

In the end, it was the St. Columba’s team who triumphed, achieving the top prize in the murder mystery challenge which they completed in the fastest time and achieved the highest ever score of 123 points. They displayed great ability to think logically under pressure and were merited on their teamwork skills and ability to interpret new information.