Concert and Variety Show

We were promised entertainment, we were promised variety and we got both in abundance last night in the BSR. Nineteen ‘acts’ performed, ranging from dance to guitar, duets to choirs, piano solos to rock bands, all showing off their talents to the appreciative audience. An evening which was in the best traditions of entertaining and supporting each other. A tremendous show organised by Mrs Malone Brady and her assistants. Well done to all concerned. The participants were:

1) The orchestra

2) Henry zu Rantzau (voice)

3) Emma Hinde (guitar)

4) Aurora Higgins Jennings (piano and voice)

5) Nicole Dickerson and Anna Janssen Heidenfeld (duet)

6) Sine Nomine choir

7) Imogen Casey and Phoebe Grennell (duet)

8) Songyon Oh (dance)

9) Aifo Ebelghe, Nicole Dickerson, Nevin McCone, Ciara Gumsheimer, Mona Lamotte (song)

10) Alexandra Malone and Aurora Higgins Jennings (piano and voice)

11) Ferdinand Kuehne and Anton Tapking (trumpet)

12) Tania Stokes (cello)

13) Ralph Sweetman Sutton (voice)

14) Ciara Gumsheimer, Robyn Brady, Aisha Burke, Maria Herrero

15) Andre Stokes (violin)

16) Anna Laurenceau and Mona Lamotte (voice and guitar)

17) Ciara Gumsheimer (piano)

18) Rock Band – Ross Magill, Toby Green, Sakhile Khumalo, Nevin McCone, André Stokes and Alex Russell.

Many thanks to Henry zu Rantzau for the video clips which can been viewed here.