175 Years Old

On Wednesday 25th April the College will celebrate the 175th anniversary of its Foundation. It was on St. Mark’s Day in 1843 that the most active Founders (Adare, Monsell, Sewell and Todd), together with Warden Singleton and others gathered in Stackallan, County Meath, and founded the school.

175 years later, the pupils and staff of the College will mark this occasion by altering the normal course of the working day. A late rising will be followed by a special commemorate Chapel service at 10am. Following three classes and lunch, there will be a full outdoors programme of sport and activities, followed by a barbeque for the whole school from 5.30pm. A time capsule will be buried in the College grounds for a future generation to discover. A drone video will be made of the number ‘175’ created by pupils. Festivities will conclude with a dance in the Big Schoolroom in the evening.

In the words of the traditional toast, Floreat Columba et Floreant Columbanenses.