Politics Debate Club

Éile Ní Chianáin reports on the latest session of the Fifth Form virtual politics debating club:

Today we discussed ‘the legalization of all drugs.’ Sinead Cleary introduced the topic and highlighted why she suggested this motion. We decided to begin each of our meetings with a quick vote before the discussions began on whether we were for or against the motion. Interestingly, we were an even split. 7 of us were for the legalisation of drugs and the other half against. In our discussions we encourage everyone to contribute through stating opinions, outlining ideas or hopes for this future idealistic world, responding to others points or asking questions.

This discussion raised thoughts and questions on:

  • should we decriminalise drug users?
  • the power drug cartels hold over society and governments
  • whether the sale of illegal substances gives rise to secrecy and mistrust in society?
  • can substance abusers and addicts get the help they need for rehabilitation and recovery within prisons?
  • is reforming corruption in governments that facilitate drug trafficking the solution?
  • if drugs were legalised what restrictions would be put in place?
  • the practicality of implementing drug legalisation is LEDCs
  • The real-life effect of the legalisation of drugs in Portugal

In our next meeting we plan on voting at the beginning and end of the debate to see if members have been swayed by others’ arguments.