Open ‘Days’

[Update May 27th: we have now concluded these sessions, but hope to run more next term if still necessary].

Since our annual May Open Evening cannot take place, due to the closure of the campus, the Warden is going to host ‘remote’ Open sessions, and families who are interested in sending children to the school up to 2023.

There will be three Open evenings/days over the next few weeks and we invite you to sign up. They will be held on the following dates (always Irish time):

  • Thursday 21st May, 18:00 (closed – FULL).
  • Tuesday 26th May, 14:00 (closed – FULL).
  • Tuesday 2nd June, 18:00 (closed – FULL).
  • Thursday 4th June, 14:00 (closed – FULL).

There will be a limit of ten families for each session. You will be given a link in advance, and then welcomed ‘remotely’ by Warden in his study. He will give an introduction and then show a 7-minute film of him giving a brief tour of key parts of the campus. After the film there will be for a live session of questions. It is envisaged that the sessions will last less than an hour.

If necessary more sessions will be organised.

 If you would like to sign up for any of these sessions, please fill in the form below.