Final Artist Talks

Ms Murphy writes: “We had our last virtual Artist Talk yesterday evening with animator Daniel McGuire. Thank you so much for all the time you spent chatting to pupils. He spoke about different colleges to study animation in Ireland (Bally) & abroad, portfolio tips, what he does as a GC generalist, different jobs in animation (2D animator/ character design…) some advertisements he made and lots more. I loved learning at this one myself and seeing the work and all the layers that goes into any animation.

Painter and cartoonist Pan Cooke also spoke this week about his work and we had the well-known director and producer Alexandra McGuinness and her husband and actor Blake Berris on last week.

One big positive to take from lockdown is getting this opportunity to talk to so many different artists, creatives and people online and from all over the world and Ireland. From graphic Designers to animators, painters, producers, actors and “art makers”… it has been very interesting to hear about everyone’s journey and creative outlets.

Thank you so much to all the speakers who joined us and shared their passion for their. And huge thank you and well done to all the pupils who joined and at the end of such a busy, mental term! Thank you to Maybelle for organising some speakers and being so enthusiastic. Now with all this inspiration and ideas bubbling – get making for yourselves!’