Aoibheann’s Pink Tie

On the 27th June 2020, the College community heard the devastatingly tragic news that ‘Columban’ Joshua Yang had passed away after fighting an aggressive form of cancer for over two months in Crumlin Hospital. Joshua remains an example of true inner and spiritual strength to all who knew him before and during his fight against the illness he eventually succumbed to.
Joshua was undoubtedly a very courageous and resilient boy who pulled all the constituents of the College community fully behind him. He was also given fantastic support by Crumlin Hospital and Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

Aoibheann’s Pink Tie went to every length to ensure that Peter and Lucy, Joshua’s parents, could travel from China to be close to their son in the midst of a global pandemic. The organisation facilitated their accommodation near the hospital and worked closely with Joshua’s designated social worker to expedite visa and quarantine requirements.

Aoibheann’s Pink Tie have always had an impressive reputation for supporting families of children with a cancer diagnosis. When it is witnessed firsthand the full extent of that support is even more evident. In appreciation of their unstinting efforts on behalf of Joshua, and his parents Peter and Lucy, those closest to Joshua in the College community decided to hold fundraising events on their behalf.

College staff, parents, pupils and supporting friends raised the sum of €8207 on behalf of Team Aoibheann; transferring that amount earlier this month. We have since received a letter of thanks for our collective effort telling us that this money will be used to pay for: dry suits, Rainbow days, Chemo Ducks and also provide financial and practical support for parents of children suffering from cancer.

The pupils, staff, Parents’ Association and school management are grateful to all who have supported Joshua, his parents and Aoibheann Pink Tie in such a wide variety of ways.