The Senior Play 2023

The Whiteheaded Boy by Lennox Robinson is a favourite on the Irish theatre scene. First produced in the significant year 1916, it tells the story of the Geoghegan family: the youngest son, Denis, is his widowed mother’s favourite, and all the other siblings suffer by comparison. When he – yet again – fails his TCD exams, the oldest brother, George, decides Denis must leave and go to Canada. Trouble ensues.

The first performance is tonight, Friday, at 7.00pm in the Big Schoolroom, the second and final one tomorrow at the same time. Parents are welcome at either.


Our Guide and Opinionated Commentator.

Cheuk Yin Wong

Hannah, a slow-moving maid.

Melina Paulsen

Mrs Geoghegan, a widow with six adult children.

Phoebe Landseer

Kate, her oldest daughter. Now 36, so little chance of marriage.

Clodagh Walsh

Jane, another daughter. Nice and quiet. 

Bibiire Oke-Osanyintolu

Donough Brosnan, Jane’s intended for the last three years.

JJ Beglan O’Connell

Baby, yet another Geoghegan lass. Full of notions.

Emilia Hager

Aunt Ellen, Mrs Geoghegan’s sister-in-law. A bit cranky and full of schemes.

Sofia Gill Torrejon

George, the oldest Geoghegan son, and now the head of the family.

Hal Somerville

Peter, the classic neglected middle son. Nothing much one way or the other.

Euan Flanagan

Denis, the youngest of all the Geoghegans, and his mother’s unashamed favourite.   The ‘white-headed boy’.

Aran Murphy

Delia Duffy, his fiancée. Not as simple as she looks.

Henrike Tertilt

John Duffy, her father, and one of the solidest men in Ballycolman. His wife died some years ago. On every Committee going.

Naoise Murray