Our annual Open Day this year is on Saturday 1st October. From 10am to 1pm the College will be open to prospective pupils (of any age) and their parents. No further invitation is needed: you just need to drive through the College gates and you will be looked after. Visitors will be taken on tours of the College facilities (including the grounds, the Chapel, Dining Hall, Library, Science Block, Art Centre and more) by pupils, and will be able to make further queries of teachers in the reception centre, the Lower Argyle. Any questions in advance of the Open Day can be made by contacting us.

We also have an Open Evening in the summer term – this year, on Thursday 18th May. This is a shorter event, and requires advance booking

Many congratulations to our Leaving Certificate candidates, who this morning received their results, achieving a new College record of an average of 473 points (one more than last year’s record). Two pupils received the maximum 625 points.

Our annual summary of the past five years’ results is here.

These results results are outstanding.  The average points score per candidate across all papers taken at all levels is a most impressive 473 points.  This beats the previous record of 472 set last year.  Overall, only two subject papers – out of 448 – failed to be awarded a pass grade and this is a remarkable achievement.  It is also worth noting that 44% of all candidates achieved 500+ points, with 77% achieving 400+ points and 95% achieving 300+ points.  The range of scores achieved by our candidates this year was from 140 points up to the maximum of 625 points.

Very well done to all, and of course to their teachers. We wish our leavers the very best in their future academic and professional careers.

No booking required: come to the Chapel from 6.30pm onwards (guided by pupils from entry); the tour and talk start at 7pm.

For the first time, the College will be open during Culture Night, the enormously successful annual event during which many places and institutions across the country open their doors to visitors for free. Our contribution will be a tour of the architectural and historical highlights of our school, given by the Sub-Warden Mr Julian Girdham, for an hour on the evening. Visitors are welcome to come to the school from 6.30pm (meeting at the Chapel; visitors will be directed there by pupils), with the tour proper starting at 7pm.

It will include the main buildings of historical interest, such as the 18th century main building, (Hollypark House), the Chapel, the Victorian Argyle Buildings, the work of the most distinguished Old Columban architect Richard Caulfield Orpen (including the Chapel Square and the Founders’ Building) and Robin Walker’s 1971 Science Block (which is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment). Visitors will learn about the College’s origins in the mid nineteenth-century, its turbulent early years, and its steady progress in the twentieth century.

Visitors should enter via the Main Gate and proceed to the roundabout at the Sports Hall, where they will receive further directions. See our location here, and our entry on the Culture Night website here.

All are welcome, and no booking is necessary.